Cracked Egg Oddities
Custom-Illustrated Commission

Custom-Illustrated Commission

-- About the Options --
Traditional Media
Inked Sketch: $20+; a sketch in red pencil, lined with black India ink via brush pen (black & white)
Single Color: $30+; an Inked Sketch piece with added monochromatic watercolor
Full Color: $45+; an Inked Sketch piece with full watercolor rendering
Digital Media
Digital Lineart: $20+; essentially the same as an Inked Sketch, only in a purely-digital format (no red pencil sketch underneath the final image)
Digital Flat Color: $35+; essentially the same as the traditional Single/Full Color options, only in a purely-digital format (no red pencil undersketch, no traditional color)

-- Details -- 
Size: 5" x 7"
Orientation: portrait or landscape upon request
Full-Body: commission is full-body by default unless the commissioner requests otherwise (bust or headshot)
Additional Characters/Backgrounds: +$5 per extra character; +$5 for a complex background/scene
*Traditional Media options will likely show signs of their analog creation methods (I use red pencil for the initial sketch layer, which does not always erase fully). Please consider that these marks are not flaws, but part of the art-making process. If you do not want these marks to show, perhaps a Digital commission type would be better suited to your preferences.
**See product images for examples of each commission type and what I will & will not illustrate!

-- What You Get -- 
*For traditional commissions (Inked Sketch, Single Color, & Full Color): the original 5x7-size finished work of art mailed to your preferred address
*For digital commissions (Digital Lineart, Digital Flat Color): the finished 5x7-size digital file in .PNG & .JPG formats & one physical print of the work mailed to your preferred address
*1-on-1 email correspondence to make sure everything is to your liking
*Additional prints of the commissioned work are available upon request (at an extra $3 per print)

: $10 is the price of the DOWN PAYMENT and goes towards the final price of your commission. After receiving this payment, I will contact you via email to determine the full complexity and resulting price of the commissioned artwork. After completing the initial sketch, I will 1) request approval from the commissioner, 2) send a PayPal invoice for the remainder of the final commission price, 3) complete the commission in full & mail out the physical work/print(s) to your provided address.

**Please read the Terms & Conditions (below) before commissioning me!**

Terms & Conditions
  • If, for any reason, the commissioner wishes for the completed artwork to NOT be posted on my social media, please specify via email. Otherwise, the commission will be posted to Cracked Egg Oddities' Instagram account, as well as my personal Instagram & Twitter accounts (@littleeggtart).
  • Reposts/Reblogs of the commissioned work are acceptable as long as the recipient credits/links back to the original artist (myself).
  • Personal/private use of a digital commission (phone/desktop wallpaper, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Refunds are allowed until the initial sketch is approved by the commissioner. After this point, a refund is not possible.
  • I will not proceed to the final steps of a commission until the commissioner approves the initial sketch.
    • Reprinting and/or tracing the commissioned work
    • Claiming any part of the artwork (in-progress or completed) as your own
    • Redistribution of the commissioned work for commercial purposes
I cannot stress this enough: always communicate with me to determine what may or may not be acceptable!
10 USD