Cracked Egg Oddities


A traditional surprise bag with a twist! These sweet goods come bundled in a cute crochet pouch.

One (1) Grab-Bag includes:
  • x1 unique crochet pouch
  • x1 "Three-Eyed Seer" mini-print
  • x1 random "Three Evils" mini-print
  • x3 random "Persona 4"/"Yume Nikki" stickers
  • x1 random 2" button
  • x1 random keychain

**A few notes on Grab-Boxes/Grab-Bags**
  • Bag/Box quantities are limited for this run, so once they're gone...they're gone!
  • Most individual bag/box contents (ie. sticker designs) will NOT be restocked in the shop.
  • Each individual bag/box has been curated to NOT contain duplicate items. HOWEVER, if you purchase more than one (1) bag/box of any type, you will likely receive duplicate items (especially the mini-prints, since every bag/box has them)! If you don't want to receive more than one of the same item, I encourage you to choose ONLY ONE of the three available types.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions!
15 USD